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Meeting Information


September 5, 2007 


2 PM Eastern 

Attending: Toby Vandermark, Chairperson, Mary Pat Aust, Skip Bartolanzo, Peter Greene, Monica Hanks, Lorena Hitchens, Laura Martin, Carl Singer, and Alyssa ?

Agenda Items

1 Review and approve minutes of last meeting
The prior minutes were reviewed and approved as submitted.

2 Review sample cme certificates
Peter commented that for the samples submitted, we could use the current Activity Report data elements to represent the data, but it would be good to get someone to create the XML to provide a good test case. There are interesting sub categories, but no standards across the industry. The group agreed that providing an element to capture categories was a good idea but not to dictate what categories may be used as several different categorization systems are likely to be used.

3 Review proposal for state cme requirements
Lorena referenced an email sent out regarding regulatory requirement certificate. Lorena contended that much information can be extracted from the activity report data and purposed as needed by the recipient of the activity report without adding new data elements. State boards, licensing boards, and academies could all have different requirements, and it would be impossible for providers to track all of those requirements and create diverse certificates to meet their needs. Peter questioned whether we should use a placeholder for the data. Lorena proposed adding a new element in Healthcare LOM called "meets regulatory requirements" that would be a repeatable sub element. Peter commented he was hesitant to change the Healthcare LOM given that it has nearly completed the ANSI process. Carl commented there is a website you can search by state and tell which states have which requirements. The group agreed to leave out any special elements for regulatory requirements for the time being.

4 Discuss implementation progress
Ed Chase from adobe was on the last call to provide some guidance on what would be necessary to create PDF CE certificates with embedded activity report XML. Lorena commented that HighWire may do it in the future, but it is out of their immediate focus and aside from their main goal of providing data to the CE provider. Peter commented that CTSNet will experiment with using Cold Fusion version 8 to generate PDF certificates. He should be able to provide feedback by the next working group meeting. He offered to try and generate a PDF Certificate. Carl commented that the platform is fairly stable. CECity uses Activity Report to post results to 3rd parties; however, there are some stumbling blocks with extensions. Peter suggested taking up the offer Medscape/WebMD made at the April meeting to get a pilot going with them. He will discuss this further with Valerie. The AAP will have a client ready soon.

Skip commented that he had a question regarding human readable error messages in the Web services, and he is awaiting a response from Valerie on that. Lorena suggested collecting samples of XML activity reports for CME Certicates to post on the wiki. Carl will follow-up to see if that is possible. Peter will try to code a sample. Mary Pat and Monica think they can obtain a sample Activity Report (XML document) that conforms to the Activity Report schema.


  • Activity report should capture the activity category as a free-text element.
  • Activity report will NOT include a regulatory requirements certificate.

Action Items

  • Peter will explore a potential pilot involving Medscape
  • Peter will code a sample Activity Report certificate
  • Mary Pat and Monica will produce a sample Activity Report certificate
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