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Meeting Information


October 24, 2007



Agenda Items

Attending: Skip Bartolanzo, Peter Greene, Lorena Hitchens, Ed Kennedy, Laura Martin, Valerie Smothers, Mike Zarski

1 Review and approve minutes of last meeting
Mike mentioned that AOA is trying to meet with the ABMS to talk about the use of the professional profile XML in credentialing. They are hoping to exchange data with the ABMS and benefit from their experience in delivering certification data through XML. AOA is doing the same thing.

Laura explained that Toby would not be able to attend. Valerie ran the meeting in her stead. She asked if there were comments on the minutes. Lorena commented that the last paragraph needed to be changed to indicate the Peter wanted the group to contribute sample XML activity reports. Valerie made the edits to the minutes, and to the group approved them.

2 Discuss sample activity report ce certificates
The group then moved to discuss implementations. Skip commented that they aren't making progress since AAP has not been able to achieve security goals with .net. Peter asked if Highwire could make a test transfer. Lorena offered to post an XML file to the wiki.

3 Discuss potential CE pilot project
The group moved to discussing other potential CE pilots for activity report. Valerie mentioned that she spoke to Shelly Rodrigues of the California Academy of Family Physicians and Mike Zarski of the American Osteopathic Association and Cyndi Grimes of Medscape at the recent AMA industry task force meeting. All three are interested in participating in a pilot around the exchange of digital CME certificates.

Mike added that they have a CME report for their members. They see the credits they get from live programs and they receive data electronically. They use the CECity platform for CME. For Medscape CME, members would have to submit a paper certificate to verify CME activity. From member standpoint, they would be pleased to have a way to handle this electronically. They currently do not have a relationship with Medscape. CME committee requires evidence of CME; members have to fax CME certificates currently. All CME must be documented.

Peter mentioned that there is readiness for portfolios and mentioned the recent AAMC/NBME/ACGME/FSMB meeting. The activity report would certainly play a role in populating CME portfolios. One other approach to use would be to use XML embedded within PDF documents and allow the learner to download the certificate to their hard drive and then uploaded into a portfolio system.. Mike commented that they would need something to verify the accuracy. Signing the pdf document could take care of that issue. But they prefer a backend solution.

4 Open discussion
Valerie then provided an update on schema changes. In the last call Lorena and others voiced opposition to having a separate certificate for regulatory requirements. Valerie modified this XML schema to reflect the decision to remove the regulatory requirement certificate.

Lorena provided an update on Highwire's activities. They haven't done much lately on activity report. They need to decide how they will deliver reports to each of their customers - possibly a deposit on an FTP site nightly. There would probably be some lag time. Data would be within 1 day of being current. Web services are too expensive; it's impossible to be up to the minute. Additionally, you don't want to cause a performance issue for users. A data warehouse approach will be much faster. They are working with AHA to be first the client to pick up on regular basis, then they will make it standard.


Action Items

  • Lorena will post an XML activity report to the wiki
  • Valerie will convene a meeting between CAFP, AOA, and Medscape to discuss a pilot.
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