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Meeting Information


January 9, 2008


2:00 PM EST

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Agenda Items

1. Review minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

2. Status of professional profile and healthcare LOM

Valerie told the group that both the professional profile and healthcare LOM were being balloted. The ballot ends on the 10th, at which time the standards committee will work with the working group to resolve any comments or objections. If any substantive changes are made, the committee must allow 4 weeks for those who voted to change their votes if desired.

3. Review of updated implementation guidelines

Valerie reviewed the updates to the implementation guidelines based. She added more descriptive information about mapping identity to the recommendations for the Member element. She asked Laura if the board of pediatrics used the metadata element and if there were more modifications that should be made related to when one uses descriptive dates (start date, end date, due date). Laura recommended speaking with Skip. Valerie added that the documentation of activity certification had been updated based on changes to the healthcare LOM documentation. Also, more Ed Chase from Adobe provided correction to the section on embedding activity report data in a pdf document. Valerie commented that a section on Exchanging Activity Report data using Web services was pending. An appendix on identity resolution was added as well. She asked Laura if ABP could provide an example activity report reflecting Maintenance of Certification requirements.

Peter commented that for identity resolution, a single identifier would be best. What's described in the appendix should not be positioned as the preferred mechanism for identity resolution. Another option is logiging into one system through another. There may or may not be a shared id. Lorena commented that license numbers exist. In addition, HighWire has a unique subscriber number. They exchange that with their customers.

Lorena added that she would be able to contribute some ideas to the section on web services. There are cons to that approach.

4. Pilot update

Valerie updated the group on the pilot with American Osteopathic Association, Mesdscape, and California Academy of Family Physicians. She had a recent call with AOA and Medscape, and they were about to begin an identity matching process to facilitate a web services delivery of CME certificate data for osteopaths to AOA. The CAFP is interested in receiving certificate data for courses they certify. In 2007, osteopathic physicians completed 63,000 activities on Medscape. Web services would obviate the need for faxing that activity data.

5. Open discussion

The group commented that someone should tinker with the PDF implementation of activity report. Valerie will email Spencer Moore at RSNA. She also offered to check with healthstream.

Lorena asked how quickly Activity Report could be standardized once professional profile and healthcare lom are complete. Valerie commented that it would take another 6 months at a minimum.

Lorena then asked about the ccid. They received a question from an editor asking if printing the id on their html certificate was appropriate. Peter commented that the unique id could enable verification of the credit. Ed commented that printing the id was not a security risk. It will be apparent if id is manipulated. It will be obvious if any verification is done.

The next call of the working group is Feb 20 at 2 PM EST.


Action Items

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