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3:30 to 5:00 PM, Baltimore, MD

Open Meeting, MedBiquitous Annual Conference 
Attending: James Bontempo, JHPIEGO; James Fiore, American Board of Surgery; Peter Krieg, European Association for CardioThoracic Surgery; Palle Pedersen, Real CME; Rosalyn Scott, VA & Wright State University; Carl Singer, CECity; Valerie Smothers, MedBiquitous; Leah Wang, Medscape


Valerie provided an overview of the working group for newcomers.  The activity report working group has developed an XML specification for CE certificates and maintenance of certification report data.  The specification facilitates tracking CE and MOC activities across organizations and systems.

Progress to date 

The group has developed an XML schema, specifications document, and Web services definitions.  The group is working on an implementation guideline, and a specifications document for the Web services definitions is forthcoming.  The group is ready to announce the project to ANSI now that healthcare lom has been approved. The specification is fairly well developed and already in use, but there are some suggestions for enhancements made by RSNA.

Proposed changes to specification

Spencer Moore explained that the RS NA give sub-subspecialty credits for their CME activities. Currently the activity report schema is unable to incorporate this subspecialty credit. Spencer described his proposed changes: including a credit focused element that provides a description, code, and number of credits. The format would be flexible enough to address the needs of many implementers. The group agreed with the proposed changes.

Implementers report

Valerie mentioned that the American Board of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Heart Association, and CECity have all implemented the activity report to date. In addition, the American osteopathic Association, Medscape, and see city are working on a pilot project to implement the activity report for CME certificate exchange. Leah and Carl explained that at this stage they are documenting use cases to better define the process of data exchange.  They are planning take a phased approach and use XML over HTTP before using Web services.

Discuss implementation guidelines

Next steps: draft announcement for ANSI

How to get involved
Valerie explained that the working group is open to all MedBiquitous members. In some cases, invited experts are asked to participate in the group as well. She emphasized that the standards are open to all and are not restricted to MedBiquitous members. 

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