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Meeting Information


June 3, 2008



Agenda Items


Toby Vandemark, Chair; Laura Martin, Skip Bartolanzo, Madhuri Chinnakkagari, James Fiore, Valerie Smothers
Valerie apologized for the late notice and let the groups know that the meeting schedule is now available on the wiki. It was also sent out in email. 

1 Review of in person meeting

Valerie reviewed the in person meeting at the annual conference. Most of the attendees were newcomers, so a good part of the meeting was spent reviewing the goals and progress of the working group. Medscape and CECity gave an update on their work to implement activity report for CME tracking. Spencer Moore also gave a description of his change requests for the activity report. RSNA has subspecialty certificates, and he proposed a structure that would allow those subspecialty certificates to be described in the credit certificate. The group at the meeting agreed with his ideas, so Valerie updated the schema and specification accordingly.

2 Review of changes to specification and schema

Within the CreditCertificate element, there is now a CreditFocus element that includes a description, code, and number of credits. The code is optional; the description and number of credits are required if the CreditFocus element is used. The changes are highlighted on page 24 of the specification. Toby agreed the changes looked good and should accommodate those groups wishing to include a notion of categories in their credit certificates.

3 Implementers update 

Skip summarized that Secure Enterprise is advising American Board of Pediatrics to use basic http authentication to secure their web service. They have bounced from one type of security to another. The American Academy of Pediatrics is in agreement; secure enterprise will help both groups. They will talk again later this week. They haven't made much progress outside of that. Toby asked why the change. Skip said that pki had been the previous recommendation. They thought that would be hard to maintain, so they are using user id and password. Username token proved to be too hard for clients to implement. They tried to create a .net client, and it was really difficult. They were afraid some clients would not have the expertise. They wanted a solution that would not require much from the client, something easy to implement.

4 ANSI announcement

Valerie said that now that Healthcare LOM is a standard and Professional Profile should be complete in July, it is appropriate to announce the Activity Report work to ANSI. This is the first step in the formal standardization process. It provides an opportunity to harmonize with any other standards developers working in this space (which is highly unlikely) and also provides good marketing for the standards development activity. Toby thought the announcement looked good, but recommended that Valerie email the group and ask for their comments on the document by the end of next week. James recommended mentioning that it is only a page or two.

5 Open discussion

Valerie reiterated that the working group and MedBiquitous staff are available to help with activity report implementations. James indicated that American Board of Surgery wants to start collecting CME data electronically from the surgical associations. Valerie offered to help if possible.


Action Items

Valeri will email a request for feedback on the ANSI announcmeent to the working group.

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