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Meeting Information


July 15, 2008



Attending: Toby Vandemark, Chair;  Mary Pat Aust, Madhuri Chinnakkagari, James Fiore, Laura Martin, Spencer Moore, Alexander Mukovsky, Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

1. Review minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

2. ANSI announcement and inclusion of point of care learning data

Valerie summarized that she was to submit an ANSI announcement for the Point of Care Learning Data specification at the same time as announcing the Activity Report work to ANSI. Because the point of care learning data sits inside an activity report (and cannot be used effectively without Activity report), she thought it would be better to incorporate Point of care Learning data into the same standard as Activity Report. Each working group would still serve as the experts for their portion of the specification, and both would work with the Standards Committee to finalize the combined specification as a standard. Toby and the group agreed this was a good idea.

3. Suggestion to change Date elements to DateTime elements

Valerie summarized that currently the specification provides only dates for key events like registration, completion, and expiration. The AOA has requested that the schema change this to DateTime so to better differentiate activities completed on the same day. Toby commented that this makes sense. The group agreed.

4. Implementers update

Valerie described the AOA-Medscape-CECity implementation. They have decided not to use web services but to post the data over http.

James commented that without SSL, the data would be easily extracted, even with password protection. He recommended using an ssl connection.  

Toby asked laura how the project with AAP was going. Laura commented that Skip has not much time to work on it, and that right now they were waiting for AAP to progress. She thinks Skip is working with Scott Foutz. Toby commented that we should see if he can be on the calls so that he can let us know what is happening. Toby will follow up with Scott.

5. Open discussion

James asked when the XSD would be updated. He wants to send it to other organizations to start discussion about cme data. Valerie will send a note out when the changes are complete.


  • We will incorporate point of care learning data into the Activity report announcement.
  • All Date elements will be changed to DateTime elements.

Action Items

  • Valerie will send the announcement to ANSI
  • Valerie will update the specification and schema to reflect data time decision and RSNA data requests.
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