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Activity Report Working group, May 2, 2012 (MedBiquitous Annual Conference)


James Fiore, American Board of Surgery, Working group co-chair

Rodman Campbell, University of Pennsylvania
Peter Flanagan, University of Western Ontario
Matthew Gerber, UCF College of Medicine
Ian Graham, Royal Australian College of Physicians
Peter Greene, MedBiquitous
Lorena Hitchens, Highwire Press (Stanford)
Stathis Konstantinidis, Aristotle University
Jennifer Michael, American Board of Medical Specialties
Alexander Minkovsky, American Board of Surgery
Andy Rabin, CE City
Juliane Schneider, Harvard Medical School Library
Tarang Shah, AOA
Carl Singer, CE City
David Stumpf, Northwestern University
David Wiener, Duke University

1. Overview of work to date

James provided a background of the Activity Report Working Group for new attendees. The activity report provides a standard XML format for continuing education/continuing professional development certificates and Maintenance of Certification (MoC) activity reports. This allows organizations to centrally track learning and performance improvement. He reviewed current implementers and exemplars. The specification was approved as a MedBiquitous/ANSI standard in 2009. Development of version 2.0 is currently underway. An announcement regarding this work was sent to ANSI community April 27. The announcement will be published May 11 and will undergo review through June 25. So far the changes are minor. One key change is the way extensions are permitted in version 2.0; extensions are allowed within several of the container elements in the Activity Report and not just within an XtensibleInfo container.

2. Discussion of reporting requirements and e-portfolio initiatives

James discussed the relationship between the Activity Report, Educational Achievement, and Curriculum Inventory specifications. Those specifications are distinct and separate. The language and practices used in documenting CE and certification-related requirements are very different from the language and practices around documenting other kinds of educational achievements, like test scores, grades, and competency-based assessments.

David commented on the need for object-identifiers (see There is no standard registry for OID in healthcare education, but one is needed to point-of-care uses and support for ontologies.

Andy commented that he was concerned about the overlap between Educational Achievement and Activity Report. There is a real need for object/curriculum linking to help define the scope around activities. David added that there is a need for standard coding for activities. He recommended a possible alternative in the National Quality Forum (NQF) Quality Data Model (QDM). See the following links on the QDM, emeasures, and measure authoring.:

Andy mentioned the CanMEDS Competency Framework:

David and Andy proposed a MedBiquitous working group for OIDs and standard coding. Peter proposed taking this discussion to the Technical Steering Committee before bringing it to the Executive Committee as a formal proposal.

James commented that there may be a use-case in credentials committees needing to know the types of continuing-education before giving privileges to physicians.

3. Open Discussion

James asked the group what challenges they had experiences with regard to implementing activity-report. Lorena replied that societies often refuse to do the mapping to the standard.  It’s not a technical challenge, it’s a political one.  Carl commented that the creation and use of an open-source authoring tool(s) for small organizations could assist in hand-coding data-sets.

Jennifer commented that she would like to introduce MedBiquitous to ABMS member boards. She would be open to providing an authoring tool as a shared-service through ABMS. She is interested in presenting it to the ABMS TechNet group in an upcoming teleconference; James and Valerie will assist her with that.

The group recommended two other possible in-roads for the Activity Report: the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and the Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement (PCPI).



  • James and Valerie will bring the OIDS discussion to the Technical Steering Committee.
  • James and Valerie will work with Jennifer to present MedBiquitous to the ABMS TECHNET group.
  • James and Valerie will reach out to the Federation of State Medical Boards and the Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement regarding potential adoption.


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