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The following links are from a sample PDF CME certificate with embedded Activity Report XML. Thanks to Ed Chase at Adobe for producing these samples. You can also download the zip file.

  • CME Cert EC04162007 - data.xml - This is the sample XML file - it's basically exactly what you sent me with the package, but I think I had to spell out the ACCME acronym in the XML data to get it to look right on the certificate.
  • CME Cert Template.xdp - This is the template file, it is an XML template for the PDF form that is really only used by LiveCycle Designer during the design process.
  • CME Cert EC04162007.pdf - This file is the basic, un-populated PDF - you can open it in Acrobat and use the Forms>Manage Form Data>Import Data command to import the XML instance to see how this works.
  • CME Cert EC04162007 - wData.pdf - This is a populated copy of the previous form, this might be helpful for people with only the free Adobe Reader as opposed to Acrobat.
  • CME Cert EC04162007 - Certified wData.pdf - This is what a digitally signed or certified copy might look like - I've added a digital signature that provides identity, time & date stamps, and document integrity features. Not sure if you need something this advanced at this point, but we have a number of universities that use this sort of technology for their official transcripts.
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