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ANSI Project Announcement

ANSI Project Timeline

Competence Description for Personal Recommendations: The importance of identifying the complexity of learning and performance situations R. Nadolski et al.

Educational Technology & Society journal article on competency context

Competency-Based Postgraduate Training: Can We Bridge the Gap between Theory and Clinical Practice?

O. ten Cate & F. Scheele

Academic Medicine journal article on competency based training2007
Developments in outcome-based educationR.M. HardenMedical Teacher editorial on outcomes-based education2002
Hierarchy of LearningD. PriceDiagram of a learning hierarchy adapted from GE Miller's 1990 Academic Medicine article.2004
Components of a Competency Framework (Old)

Maintenance of Certification Continuing Professional Development Competency Use Case

Vladimir Goodkovsky's ModelV. Goodkovsky

Draft Competencies SurveyV. SmothersDraft survey questions2008
Draft InvitationV. Smothers
Survey Results and AnalysisV. SmothersResults and analysis of competency survey2008
Target audience for SurveyV. SmothersList of organizations to ask to complete the survey2008
Documents and Definitions from Other Standards DevelopersCWGCompilation of competency definitions from other standards developers
WorkplanV. Smothers/CWGWorkplan for Competency Working Group (CWG).2006
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