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The question has come up of what to do when a Competency Object is replaced or removed.  There may be other objects that point to the CO, so the CO must not be deleted.  It must be indicated somehow that the CO is retired or obsolete or inactive.  When a CO is removed or replaced, a new version of the Competency Framework must be published as well.

Considerations for the CO

  1. Remember that COs do not 'know' which frameworks include them and how, nor do they 'know' which external objects point to them.
  2. Never delete a CO. 
  3. Never alter or re-use the URL for a CO, even if that CO is retired.
  4. When a CO is substantially or meaningfully changed, publish a new CO with its own URL, retire the old CO, and release a new version of the CF.
  5. Do we need an element in the CO to indicate it is active vs. retired/obsolete/inactive?
  6. Should new COs point to the COs they replace?

Considerations for the CF

  1. CFs already make use of the LOM version element.
  2. Each version of a CF should have its own URL.
  3. There should be one URL that always redirects to the most current version of the CF.
  4. Should retired relations to retired COs be included in new versions of the CF?
    1. If so there needs to be a mechanism to prevent users from seeing the retired COs when browsing the current version or from using those COs for mapping.  However, we do not want to lose links that have already been established between COs and external objects.
  5. Should a CF contain the URLs to all previous versions of the CF?
  6. Should we leave it up to the system that is browsing/searching CFs to identify any old versions and search for learning objects (or other external objects) that address relevant retired COs?




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