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  • 2011-08-30
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Attending: Terri Cameron, Lise McCoy, Hugh Stoddard, Adrian Ballard, Heather Hageman, Kristi Ferguson

The group agreed to work towards a list of discreet educational methods and a list of discreet assessment methods that would be supplemented by a list of qualifiers. Hugh emphasized the importance of distinguishing method from content. Several edits were made to the facets list on the wiki ( . The group emphasized the importance of defining each term. Terri and Adrian agreed to find definitions from the literature where applicable.

The group stopped at the term autopsy and will reconvene Sept 13 at 12 EDT/11 CDT.


The following were moved or added to instructional methods:

  • Autopsy
  • Self-assessment

The following were moved or added to assessment methods:

  • Script concordance
  • Portfolio-based assessment
  • Examination

The following were moved or added to qualifier:

  • role-play
  • NBME subject, basic science
  • NBME subject, clinical
  • Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE)
  • gross anatomy dissection
  • prosection
  • virtual
  • wet lab
  • osteopathic manipulative therapy

The following was added to resource: microscope

Action items

  • Terri and Adrian will find definitions for instructional methods and assessment methods
  • Terri and Adrian will look at qualifiers for lecture types
  • Lise will add qualifiers specific to osteopathic education
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