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  • 2011-09-13
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Attending: Adrian Ballard, Terri Cameron, Kristi Ferguson, Heather Hageman, Lise McCoy, Valerie Smothers, Hugh Stoddard.

The group reviewed a spreadsheet prepared by Adrian that includes definitions of terms.

The group agreed to the following changes.


  • Autopsy
  • Case log
  • Clerkship
  • Clinical experience


  • Clinical documentation as an assessment method
  • Ward Rounds as instructional method
  • Patient care as instructional method


  • Encounter log changed to clinical encounter log
  • Move case-based to qualifier
  • Moved key feature to qualifier

The group will reconvene Sep 20 at 12 PM EDT/ 11 AM CDT/10 AM MDT/ 9 AM PDT.

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