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  • 2011-09-20
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Attending: Lise, Terri, Adrian, Heather, Hugh, and Valerie

Instructional methods removed:

  • Case study (subsumed by case based instruction/learning)
  • Clincal correlation
  • Clinical teaching
  • Clinical skills development
  • Computer aided instruction
  • Conference
  • Graded assingments
  • Independent study (subsumed by self-directed learning)
  • Patient care (subsumed by clinical experience - ambulatory and clinical experience - inpatient.
  • Problem solving
  • prosection

Instructional Methods added

  • Clinical experience - inpatient
  • Clinical experience - ambulatory

Modifications* Clinical encounter log moved to assessment method

  • Discussion now Discussion - small group and Discussion - large group
  • Essay moved to assessment method
  • Will incorporate a medical specific definition for Laboratory.
  • OSCE is assesment only
  • Presentation changed to Patient presentation - faculty and patient presentation - student
  • Research changed to research project

Next time we will start with Review. Please note that the wiki page on facets will no longer be updated - Adrian is keeper of the list.

Calls are scheduled for Sep 27 and Oct 4 at 12 pm Eastern time/11 Am Central/10 Am Mountain/9 am Pacific.

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