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  • 2011-10-04
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Attending: Terri Cameron, Lise McCoy, Kristi Ferguson, Adrian Ballard, Hugh Stoddard, Valerie Smothers

Instructional Methods


  • Patient presentation - faculty
  • Patient presentation - student
  • Research project
  • Team-based learning
  • Workshop


  • Review
  • Role play – leave for now.
  • Seminar
  • Small group


  • Journal club (Terri and Adrian will work on a definition)


  • Simulation – fix definition to account for instruction and team based simulation. Revisit to discuss making more specific (simulated and standardized patients, etc).

Tutorial – the group will further investigate to see if we can remove if subsumed by other methods.

Peer teaching - the group will revisit.


Combine professional journals and journal articles to professional journal articles.


The group agreed on the following terms:

  • Institutionally developed written exam
  • Nationally normed standardized subject exam
  • Licensure Written exam
  • Institutionally developed clinical performance exam
  • Licensure clinical performance exam


  • Patient workup -  Use clinical documentation instead.

Narrative evaluation – the group will continue to discuss via email.

Add Checklist.

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