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  • 2012-01-18
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Hugh, Lise, Kristi, Terri, Adrian, Heather

Terri asked what it would take to do a reliability study. Kristi recommended identifying a scenario that describes something and ask people to categorize it. She recommended getting the list in use in parallel with doing a reliability study and collecting data from both actual use and the study.

The group made the following decisions regarding the vocabulary:


  • Change clinical documentation to review of clinical documentation
  • Add learner looking at a video of self to description of self assessment
  • Make distinction between mentorship and preceptorship clearer
  • Add coaching to definition of mentorship
  • Add multimedia production to project assessment
  • Change journal article to Printed materials (or digital equivalent) (add textbook, journal articles, handouts, etc to definition)
  • Lectures (add can include recorded lectures)
  • Under plastinated specimens, see also wet lab.
  • Clarify wet lab includes specimens and histology slides
  • Audience response, remove large from definition
  • Move autopsy to demonstration
  • Add skeleton to cadaver as synonym
  • Case based learning - add see also PBL and TBL
  • Change small group to 12
  • Change clinical correlation to resource; remove from synonym list for clinical experience
  • (change DNI to only "Portfolio-based assessment," since "Portfolio Review" was removed from list)
  • Demonstration – add lab to dni
  • Small group discussion – add dni pbl, tbl


  • Stimulated recall to assessment ( could be sp, real patient, exam. Faculty member having student talk through why they made that decision)
  • Concept mapping (instructional method)
  • Games or games theory
  • Electronic health record/electronic medical record to resources
  • Film/Video to resources
  • Audio to resources

Hugh recommended bringing up feedback as an instructional method on Thursday’s call.


Action Item:

Schedule another meeting of the committee.

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