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  • 2014-08-25
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We discussed the following existing terms:

Cadaver—used frequently “anecdotally” (specifically “real” human bodies versus electronic versions of same content); survey of cadaver educators?—Kristi will look into it

Distance Learning—instructional method vs resource? Describes the context in which instructional methods are delivered; Can be combined with other resources to further clarify what type of sync/async technology is being used; Hugh: resources are merely the mode of transmission of what is being done to educate

We walked through several of the healthcare lom terms that Adrian mapped to Curriculum Inventory resources and decided which were too broad and which warranted further investigation.


Multimedia  - too broad

multimedia slide/Presentation – too broad

eBook (hyperlinked book – yes, investigate further, what makes it different. Interactive ebook?)

Interactive Learning Environment  - (too broad)

Immersive Environment (investigate further – also investigate virtual worlds and virtual reality)

Mobile Application (investigate further – why does mobile make it different. Refine)

Web/Social Media (Web too broad –social media – investigate further)


Adrian also asked us to review the document “Markup with notes from 8-11-14 call.”

Susan sent the following link after the meeting: 


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