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  • 2017-08-23
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Meeting Information


Aug 23, 2017


9 PDT/10 MDT/11 CDT/12 EDT/18 BST

Attending: Susan Albright, Hugh Stoddard, Co-Chairs; Terri Cameron, Sascha Cohen, Jennifer Cuthbert, Kristi Ferguson, Walter Fitz-William, Cindy Lybrand, Paul Schilling, Jenny Shaw-Kessler and Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes

The minutes were accepted as submitted

2 Updates around conversations on tracks 

Walter confirmed they have not changed the way tracks are being referenced. They want to clarify that anything encoded as a track should be a track as LCME defines track.  Twelve schools indicated tracks in 2016. Terri reached out to those schools, and many said they did not have tracks. Instead, vendors were using tracks in a different way than the LCME definition.  Susan asked for examples of how schools were using tracks.  Walter mentioned some schools were using tracks internally, by the order students completed their clerkships.  Within the Curriculum Inventory specifications, the implementation guidelines go into greater detail of how to classify tracks.  The dilemma is how should the AAMC build rules to address this without discouraging participation and false negatives. 

Hugh added he is painfully aware the definition of tracks is drifting from what it was in the white paper in 2012 (an alternative means of accomplishing same objectives in curriculum).  The way it is written in standard, defined as in addition to required curriculum.  Cindy agreed, they have tracks but if it is not representative of all students, they did not include.  Susan asked if the LCME is changing definition, do we need to adjust or ignore.  The goal is to make it easier to do LCME accreditation.  Valerie didn’t think standard would need to change but implementation guidelines would.  If there is a disconnect between what LCME considers a track and what everyone else considers, there is only so much we can do about that.  Cindy noted that they use different instructional and assessment methods at rural sites. Susan asked Sascha whether UCSF was using tracks.  Sascha replied that they do have alternative programs, but those are being dropped from the new curriculum.  Cindy asked about the trajectory for other MD programs.  Hugh mentioned in their view the dual degrees have to be the same as MD degrees.  Dual degree programs are required to do the same coursework as MD students; they wouldn’t track them in the Curriculum Inventory. Valerie will look at the implementation guidelines and see if they need adjusting.

Jennifer noted that LCME has a webinar monthly, and schools can submit questions to be discussed by panel.  Walter suggested gathering more information.  Cindy volunteered Quillen as the secretariat.  Terri added in addition to the webinars, Ronny will present to CI administrators group on November 8.  Questions can be submitted in advance. Information can be used to write best practices. Walter suggested defining required and required in track and emphasized the need to build better business rules for required in track.  Cindy asked about the projection window for 2018-2019 implementation.  Terri will add that question.  

3 Review progress on API documentation

Valerie shared preliminary documentation with the Technical Steering Committee, and they suggested defining data types for everything going back and forth, so she added a column for Jon recommended further changes related to parameters and filters. 


Valerie mentioned there is a September 11 call with the Technical Steering Committee about how to specify filters when you are making the call; there are different standards for doing that.  More details to follow including examples.  Sascha clarified session is abstraction of an event.  Valerie will make updates to event.  He will continue with events term and talk about event and event instance.  Valerie noted we will focus on assessment methods and instructional methods next.  Susan asked if the use case process had begun.  Valerie confirmed it had.  She will take another look at those and asked for volunteers to help.  She is looking for people with technical background to build API’s.  

Action Items

    • Valerie will review the implementation guidelines to see if they need adjusting to clarify tracks.
    • Sascha, Valerie, and Jon will follow up with the MedBiquitous Technical Steering Committee.


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