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From Terri Cameron, March 28, 2017

Here is what we are sending to schools (along with their data), to try to determine what has been uploaded to the CI. The LCME definition is included:


Could you please answer a few questions about your documentation of tracks in the CI:

1)    How do you define a track?

2)    Does your data reference more than one track? Are there indicators that would help us determine that from the data?

3)    We are going to use the LCME definition (see below) to define tracks documented in the CI. If what you are defining as a track does not meet that definition, do you need another concept?

4)    In addition to specifying in the AAMC Business Rules that only the concept of tracks should only be used for educational experiences that meet the LCME definition, should we provide more instruction about tracks in CI documentation (see below)?


The concept of Track is mentioned twice in the MedBiq CI Specification:


1)    Sequence Blocks are tagged as required, optional, or required in track

2)    A sequence block can be tagged as part of a track within the curriculum. Valid values are true and false; the default value is false.


Tracks are not referenced in the CI Business Rules.


The LCME defines a track (Parallel Curriculum) as:


A distinct educational program component for a subset of medical students that: 1) is designed to meet specific educational goals and objectives in addition to the objectives for the standard curriculum, 2) includes additional content and/or methods of assessment from the

standard curriculum , and 3) is offered to some medical students during one or more years of the curriculum. For example, a medical school may offer a “rural track” to some medical students as an alternative to some or all of the clerkship rotations completed by students in

the standard curriculum. A parallel curriculum may be located at the main campus of the medical school or at a geographically separate/distributed campus.



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