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Meeting Information


January 16, 2008



Attending: Tim Willett and Rosalyn Scott, Co-chairs; Mary Pat Aust, Ben Azan, Vladmir Goodkovsky, Ted Hanss, David Price, Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

1 Review of minutes
Tim reviewed that on the last call we reviewed the questionnaire and recommended changes. The changes should be captured in the survey we will review later on this call. Vladmir noted a typo in the last line of item 3. Valerie changed the minutes accordingly, and the minutes were accepted.

2 Discussion of OHSU-MedBiquitous survey and results
Valerie provided an overview. As part of research work done in conjunction with Oregon Health and Science University and Michael Fordis of Baylor College of Medicine, the grant team had developed a survey on the topic of competency based learning and a competency search tool developed as part of the grant. Several of the questions are high-level questions about competence based learning; others focus on the usability of the search tool.

Are there questions to take? Tim commented that the results show many people don't understand what we mean by competency framework. We need to be very clear about what we are talking about. The invitation needs to outline concepts. Rosalyn added that the big difference is that ours is more technical. She agreed the invitation will be important.

Tim commented that there is a lot of interest in learning about competencies and in linking to resources, which reinforces the work we are doing. Rosalyn commented that we should add some questions that get to something regarding the comfort level with using competencies, if not using, has the institution given guidance on how to incorporate competencies into the teaching framework. Using these will be legislated.

Mary Pat asked if the intent is to send this survey to medical schools only or if there is interest in other types of competency uses in healthcare. Rosalyn stated that there is definitely interest in circulating the survey beyond MD organizations. Mary Pat added that is undergraduate nursing education and education within healthcare facilities. Both use competencies, but in much different ways. Rosalyn commented that the standards should be applicable across the continuum and not unique for one segment.
Tim asked Mary Pat to help identify target organizations. She agreed to help.

Rosalyn asked if there is an organization that focuses on training within hospitals. Mary Pat replied that is is NNSDO - the National Nursing Staff Development Organization. It is a small group. Also, there is a clinical nurse specialist listserv that crosses education and clinical practice. Responses could be varied. NNSDO does not have a list serv. Mary Pat added that competency-based training is a joint commission requirement. Rosalyn added that it would be helpful to have someone from that organization on this working group. Mary Pat offered to get in touch and make some inquiries.

3 Review of survey changes
Valerie made changes to the survey as the group went through the document. Rosalyn asked if we should list barriers. David commented that time always comes up but means different things to different people. No time to think differently, no resources, too time intensive to develop curriculum with necessary depth. You lose a richness with checkboxes. If time is an issue, please elaborate. Vladmir recommended providing examples instead of alternatives. For example, absence of standards, already prepared materials.

Tim asked working group members to suggest specific organizations to target. Send Valerie contact information.

4 Review of targeted list of survey recipients
The group will continue to contribute.

5 Discussion of Competency Working Group poster at annual conference
The group will review the poster and send in ideas via email. Valerie will schedule a call with Tim and Rosalyn to brainstorm poster and present on next call.

6 Open discussion


Action Items

  • Mary Pat will identify target survey organizations within nursing and contact NNSDO
  • Other group members will identify target individuals and organizations and send contact information to Valerie.
  • Valerie will draft a survey invitation that includes concepts and next steps.
  • Valerie will schedule a call with Rosalyn and Tim to brainstorm the poster for presentation on the next call.
  • Group members can send poster ideas to the group listserv.
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