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Meeting Information


March 22, 2016


9 PDT/10 MDT/11 CDT/12 EDT/17 CET

Attending:  Susan Albright, Hugh Stoddard, Co-Chairs; Marcus Bates, Angela Blood, Terri Cameron, Sascha Cohen, Jennifer Cuthbert, Kristi Ferguson, Scott Kroyer, Cynthia Lybrand, Vicki McKinney, Paul Schilling, Matt Simpson, and Valerie Smothers 

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes

The minutes of meeting were accepted as submitted. 

2 Discuss MedAPS changes and the implications for the Curriculum Inventory

Terri made an announcement that ASSET was not renewed because the contractor developing the system was not meeting their needs.  The Curriculum Inventory and other data resources will continue.  Terry’s focus remains to find the best way to give data from the Curriculum Inventory to support accreditation efforts.  She emphasized the need to work with MedBiquitous to create a data exchange standard.  Hugh noted it sounded like the system built is unusable. Terry confirmed that.  Terry added their intent is to not leave anybody with data in ASSET they can’t get out.  They are interested in a model that involves vendors in the process of preparing data to send to LCME the way the Curriculum Inventory allows vendors to send data in. Hugh asked at what level the decision was made.   Terri answered the decision came from the LCME.  Jennifer confirmed problems uploading data using ASSET and problems with basic functionality.  Susan asked what the implications were for the Curriculum Inventory.  Terri thought it should make it stronger.  It will become the primary system we support.  Hugh noted that the discontinuation of ASSET affects the value proposition of the Curriculum Inventory for schools.  Terri added they will still be providing a prepopulated set of data for schools and that will be the best option for schools for a while.  Terri was encouraging schools to upload.  

3 Review upload statistics

Terri discussed the statistics briefly.  They increased participation by 15 schools or 12%.  They presented CI to the Federation of Associations of Schools of the Health Professions (FASHP), and they were interested in collaboration.  The Osteopathic, Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy schools are working with it.  There is a pilot for Osteopathic schools; a subscription fee will apply.  The data analysis for anomalies and potential needs for additional data checking/business rules occurs weekly.  They have added charts based on CI Data Statistics to their website.  They have developed report request on their website with a sample report at the end of this document.   A taskforce has been developed to find best ways to query and display CI data.  They have gone through one element.  A CI research group has been established to look at the data set for medical research and to establish research projects using CI data.   Terri discussed the number of medical school statistics for 2013-2016 academic years.  She noted that clerkships are hardest to document, because it is hard to find detail of events, multiple rotations, iterations, multiple locations, and multiple tracks.  Post clerkship data is challenging as well.  Susan asked if a definition of clerkship was needed.  Valerie asked whether Terri received feedback from the distribution of the palliative care inventory report.  Terri mentioned she received positive feedback.  

4 Discuss vocabulary changes

Terri mentioned the vocabulary document is almost final.  She noted the addition of instructional method for patient presentation - patient; the numbers are out of order so they added the next available number.  An assessment method was renamed using an existing one, laboratory practical laboratory was renamed, Exam – Institutionally Developed, Laboratory, Practical AM15.  Valerie thought the changes are substantive and could be problematic using the same ID.  She commented generally when the term changes a new identifier is used.  Sascha agreed and would prefer adding a new value of AM19.  Terri wanted direction on what messaging we want to provide.  Susan confirmed these changes only apply for next year.  She clarified the document uses the term 2014-15; 2015-16 is for academic year for the prior year.  Terri will make that change in the documentation.  Hugh asked if a recorded vote was needed.  Terri supported taking an electronic vote for consensus.  

5 Discuss feedback on the proposed approach to multi-site clerkships

This will be discussed at the next meeting.

6 Discuss current API use cases

This will be discussed at the next meeting. 

Action Items

Valerie will circulate a ballot for the vocabulary changes.

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