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The group has identified the following use cases for Curriculum Inventory APIs.

  1. The curriculum management system sends curriculum data (all or portion therof) to another system. The other system can use that data to offer tailored content/evaluations to the learner, display course data in a scheduling system, or use the data for analytics or dashboard views of the data (ie QlikView), or compare curricula. There may be other uses for the data.
  2. The curriculum management system requests content (or content metadata?) aligned with a subset of curriculum data (ie event or sequence block competencies and/or keywords, description, other data?)
  3. Analytic system asks curriculum management system "Tell me all of the instructional methods/assessment methods/resources associated with competency XYZ."  (Note- this is possible internally in some systems, but not as an API call.)

Drivers: Analytics/learning dashboards, curriculum standardization, integration with content/assessment systems, presenting educational trajectory (where I am on path through curriculum), integration with scheduling system

Future development/related APIs:

  • sending outcomes data related to a particular part of the curriculum to a curriculum management system.
  • Sending student/instructor data to the curriculum management system
  • Sending classes/schedules to the curriculum management system

See Detailed Use Cases

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