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API Development

API Use CasesV. SmothersOverview of CI API Use cases2017
API Use Case DetailsValerie Smothers et al.Granular details of the API Use cases2016
UCSF API PresentationS. Cohen & J. JohnsonUCSF ilios presentation on curriculum APIs in action
Draft Curriculum API ProposalS. Cohen & V. SmothersCurriculum Inventory API proposal2016

Curriculum Structures & Schematics

Sample Curricula Structure & Schematics
A page with curricula and curriculum schematics of various medical schools2011
Analysis of Curriculum Structure Schematics
A list of data elements & characteristics of the sample curricula & schematics2011
Competency Object ExamplesV Smothers(incomplete) document detailing the relationship between Entrustable Professional Activities and Curriculum Inventory2017
GranularityLise McCoyShows the terms used to describe different levels of granularity (e.g. year, phase, course, module, etc.) in the curriculum2011
UCSF and MilestonesSascha CohenA note from Sascha Cohen regarding milestones in the curriculum2017

Vocabulary Subcommittee Documents

CI Standardized Vocab List March 2016AAMC/Terri Cameron

a standardized list of definitions for certain curriculum inventory vocabulary lists

CI Standardized Vocab List Nov 2015AAMC/Terri CameronA standardized list of definitions for curriculum inventory vocabulary lists - has highlights that implies some sort of comments2015

CI Standardized Vocab List 2015 Proposed Resources

AAMC/Terri CameronSmall list of vocabulary words and definitions, definitely 2015

Standardized Vocabulary Review by AAMC Reference Librarian

Diane GrayLiterature review from AAMC Reference Center; .mht email format2014

CI Standardized Vocabulary 2014 possible additions

Diane GrayMore traditional literature review from AAMC Reference Center including methods2014
Mapping Resource Type from CI vocabulary and Healthcare LOM + MEP TaxonomyValerie SmothersConnecting CI vocabulary to Healthcare LOM list & MEP vocabulary2014
Mark-up with notes from 8-11-14 callAdrian BallardDefinitions2014
Resources – number of schools (static draft)unknown tempReported usage of resources in the curriculum inventory2014

Misc. Resources

Cyndi Lybrand provided these background items for the group's consideration and edification.

UCI EPA Curricular Mapping presentationJulie YoumPresentation describing how EPA mapping is done
Curriculum Assessment Framework & Content TaggingJacob Pearce et al.Article describing the use of assessment frameworks2015
Disease based approach for Vertical and Horizontal Integration Marshall COMC Gullo, B Dzwonek, B MillerReview of the shift to an integrated curriculum by a medical school2015
Practical use of medical terminology in curriculum mappingMartin Komenda et al.Review of medical terminology used in curriculum mapping2015
AMEE Integrated curriculum guideDavid Brauer & Kristi FergusonAMEE Guide to "integrated curriculum" and suggestions for improvement, clarification, and implementation2015
Curriculum mapping AMEE guide no. 21RM HardenAMEE guide to curriculum mapping2001
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