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The following are some guidelines for implementation of the specification currently in development.

  • Each campus should be listed as its own program. So if a school has 9 campuses, and the curriculum differs slightly from one campus to another, each campus reports its curriculum as a separate program.
  • If an event may occur in multiple places in the curriculum, it should only be listed once.
  • The specification should allow for frameworks of competencies/objectives/outcomes to be expressed either as integration blocks or competency frameworks. Best practices guidelines should provide further instruction on how this is realized.
  • Courses with dependencies may require further illustration in a best practices guide.
  • Relationships to objects and integration blocks should be inherited. For example, if a nested sequence block addressed Object A, the parent sequence block also addresses Object A. If Integration Block B includes Object A, the nested sequence block and its parent also address Integration Block B.

Note: elements in version 0.61 of the specification has been described in an excel spreadsheet by Adrian Ballard of the AAMC. This spreadsheet may be helpful to those mapping their systems to the spec.

See results of survey on multi-site clerkship approaches.

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