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  1. Is there a good example of data that you feel should be included in an educational achievement report that is not yet represented? If so, please send it to Valerie for distribution to the larger group.
  2. What do you do if the learner was assessed using one competency framework in one environment and then another in another environment? (ie CanMeds for UME, ACGME competencies for residency). Is that data harmonized, or do you display UME and GME data separately (as it is now).
  3. How would high stakes exams be integrated into the competency reports? Are USMLE scores specifically related to medical knowledge, or do high stakes exams span multiple competencies?
  4. What would the evidence supporting a subcompetency look like? Would that provide results of an EPA-based MiniCEX? And potentially exam scores and surveys?
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