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The Efolio Advisory Group provided the following feedback on the data analysis:

Sep 23, 2011

  • There would need to be a way to indicate how an institution defines competence or a particular achievement level.
  • We should include examples that are based on CanMeds or other competency frameworks in addition to the ACGME-focused examples
  • There should be a mechanism to report on an integrated set of competencies or a clustering of events. One example is an Entrustable Professional Activity, which integrates many competencies.
  • There may be multiple sources of evidence for an achievement. An educational trajectory may be a source of evidence.
  • To show what a system might look like (and to get optimal feedback on our requirements) we could show a spider web diagram that’s global, followed by a spider web diagram for a single competency that drills into the subcompetencies, followed by a slider bar or series of slider bars with comments.
  • The standard should be capable of capturing data in rubric, too. Pat O’Sullivan will send an example.
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