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Pat joined the entering medical school class of 2000 with a degree in epidemiology and 6 years experience in public health.  All reports on Pats progress were that he had a good fund of knowledge as demonstrated by written exams and a real commitment to under-served populations.  During his first year of medical school Pat completed two semesters of Spanish at a local community college as he could participate in evening Spanish classes at the same time he completed the medical school curriculum.  During the summer between the first and second year Pat applied for and was accepted for a position with an epidemiology research project with the Indian Health Service.  Pat continued with adequate academic performance through the first half of his second year but encountered his failing grade in January of his second year.  Pat explained this unsatisfactory grade was due to the large effort he and his classmates were putting toward the creation of a student run free clinic which was scheduled to open in April 2002.  Pat and his colleague Jen organized a three week long non-credit Medical Spanish course for medical students (Feb 2002) which turned out to be quite popular among his classmates.

Pat successfully remediated his unsatisfactory grade during in first week of March 2002 of his second year.  Pat and his colleague Marta organized a student group to travel to Mexico and work in a free clinic during the Schools Spring break at the end of March 2002.  Many of the students joining the Mexico trip had also participated in the medical Spanish class.  Pat finished his second year course work and celebrated the opening of the medical student free clinic.

Pat applied for and was accepted into a year-long NIH research program.  He requested and received approval for a leave of absence from June 2002 to May 2003.  Pat began his clerkships in June 2003 and completed the Surgery, Ob-Gyn, and Internal Medicine clerkships (8 weeks each). He then completed a four week Advance Biomedical Studies course where he worked on an epidemiology project with the state health organization.  He completed 2 weeks of the required 8 week Family Medicine clerkship on site and finished the remaining 6 weeks with the Indian Health Service.  He completed a 2 week neurology rotation on site and applied for special permission to complete his Psych rotation at the state mental hospital. Pat then completed a four week research experience where he worked on a manuscript with his mentor from NIH and prepared an application to Howard Hughes.   Pat started his eight week Child Health clerkship in June 2004.  He then applied for and received a leave of absence to complete the Howard Hughes fellowship from August 2004-July 2005.  Pat returned to the curriculum and completed the remaining course requirements while serving on the advisory board for the free clinic and teaching 3 separate sessions of Medical Spanish.  Pat then applied to residency programs in internal medicine. Pat contacted his administrator to request that the school send information about his enriched path through medical school to the Internal Medicine residency program to which Pat was applying.

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