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E-folio Interoperability Pilot Data Visibility and Security

  • EII members will send data to AAMC or NBME in conditions of high security and confidentiality.
  • The data will consist of data elements already routinely sent by each school to AAMC or NBME.  It is stressed that potentially sensitive data fields (e.g. LOA and informal extracurricular activities) will be collected as a yes/no field.
  • Schools will receive a formatted report of the identified data they submit.  This report will never be released to any other school or third party consistent with current practice on data reported to the AAMC and NBME.
  • Each school will also receive a de-identified composite data set that has been aggregated across all eight participating schools.  This is for the purposes of demonstrating conformance to the common specification and success of the pilot in facilitating interoperability.
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