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Kevin Souza commented :

Here are some of the things I took away from the presentation. I have not added them to the document since some are my own ideas/opinions. 


   We had 12 people in the audience, 7 of them were not part of the project.


  1. Establish protocols to vet self-reported data; included an attribute for "Intensity" of experience. I imagine this could be similar to the way we describe an authorship role when we are not first author on a paper.
  2. Consolidate Informal and Formal Extra-curricular into one Extra-curricular category and then have "verified" and "un-verified" as an attribute of the entry.
  3. We learned that ERAS is being rebuilt is there a way to leverage this to facilitate some of the data transfer?
  4. What lessons can we learn from the implementation of AAMC's ERAS and VSP applications?
  5. Over time, more of the informal extracurricular activities will become portfolio entries since most of them can be linked to one of the 6 ACGME competencies. This will provide a more natural context of their "Intensity."
  6. Add category for Legacy Projects/Publications. I hesitate to use the word "Scholarship" since students think first of financial support, not academic scholarship.
       • Research
       • Teaching and mentoring
       • Publications
       • Presentations
       • Etc.
  7.    MedBiquitious Standards Items:
       • Add PubMed ID for publications for easy verification
       • Intensity attribute for extra-curricular activities
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