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Meeting Information


November 25, 2014


11 EST/10 CST/9 MST/8 PST

Attending: David Blake and Ross McKinney, co-chairs; Valerie Smothers (staff); Mike Champa, Michaeline Daboul, Luke Diorio, Susan Eringhaus, Shilpi Gupta, Betty Harvey, Nancy Lowitt, Monika Markowitz, Raj Mehrotra, Pam Miller, Heather Pierce, Kelly Reddick, Tim Robinson, Bill Sacks, Corey Schmidt, Steve Singer, Rebecca Spence, John Sweeney, Radu Vestemean.

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes

The minutes were approved.

2 Discuss high level requirements and identify additional requirements

Ross commented that we are trying to get at the relationships that must be stored in the central repository. For now we just want the high level requirements. The answers to wuestions like with whom, when, and how much are secondary data elements that we will address on a future call.

The group started with identifiers. David recommended adding home institution and specialty. Susan recommended moving context to metadata. The group agreed with both recommendations.

Steve commented that the ACCME requires that providers collect financial interest data for spouses and dependent children. David and Ross commented that the specification would have the ability to capture financial interests of spouses and dependent children. 

Michaeline recommended looking at the fields the open payment system and the AMA capture for identifying information. Pam commented that may who would report would be non-physicians, and many would be from outside the US. We will need to think broadly about IDs. Ross recommended coming up with an identifier unique to the system. Corey asked if their educational background or training could be used for identification purposes. The group agreed to include educational background. Pam recommended linking out to more detailed information. Ross commented he wouldn’t look beyond location.

The group then looked at Financial Relationships – Finance and Ownership. Ross commented that equity can be held or used as payment; both should be accounted for. The group agreed to add ownership interest and lease. Bill recommended adding options on securities or defining securities to include options.

The group discussed Financial relationships – Services. Steve asked if other would be described; Ross replied it would. Steve added that faculty funds received through a CME program from an accredited provider would not be considered a financial interest. The group recommended adding grants and research to services.

Pam asked if we would include funds paid to an individual’s institution. Journal’s would have an interest in that data. Monika added that there is a difference between having a fiduciary responsibility and being an officer. A chief scientific officer may not have a fiduciary responsibility; it’s more of an operations role. The group agreed to change it to board member/fiduciary. Cory recommended adding Educational Grant to services. Ross recommended changing salary/employment to just employment.

The group discussed intellectual property (IP), commenting that royalty is the result of a license. Pam commented everything could go under patents. David recommending using only patent, copyright, authorship, and data ownership. Other values should be deleted. Tim recommended adding trademarks. The group agreed.

Pam recommended adding gifts and in-kind gifts to financial relationships. The group agreed.

Radu asked if we are considering ownership of a company that owns IP. David commented we could handle that in the definitions.

David asked that we distribute our decisions before Thanksgiving. We will leave the non-financial and metadata aside for now. The group agreed on the following next steps:

  • Create definitions where we need to
  • Start listing secondary elements
  • Revise the high level list to reflect the discussion

3 Discuss process for continued data analysis


Add the following to identifier: home institution, specialty, educational background.

Move context from identifier to metadata.

Add the following to Financial relationship – finance and ownership: ownership interest, lease, gifts, in-kind gifts. Securities options is a maybe depending on the definition of securities.

Add the following to Financial relationship – services: grants, research, educational grant; fiduciary will be changed to board member/fiduciary; salary/employment will change to just employment.

Intellectual Property will use the following terms: patent, copyright, trademark, authorship, and data ownership. Other values should be deleted.

Action Items

  • Create definitions for key terms
  • Start listing secondary elements
  • Revise the high level list to reflect the discussion
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