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Meeting Information


February 10, 2014


11 EST/10 CST/9 MST/9 PST

Attending: Ross McKinney, Co-Chair; Raj Mehrotra, Pamela Miller, Heather Pierce, Bill Sacks, Cory Schmidt, Steve Singer, Valerie Smothers, and John Sweeney

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes

The minutes were accepted as submitted.

2 Discuss format of Feb 11 meeting

Heather emphasized that the meeting, whether in person or on the phone, will be interactive.  They plan to alert those on the phone about the topic and the length of discussion so they can plan accordingly.  The goal will be to develop a near final draft document that will be reviewed by the entire group on data fields related to financial interest and intellectual property.  The day will be divided into four sections 1) professional services 2) financial stake 3) financial support 4) and intellectual property.  Participants were encouraged to have ready access to things they collect to clarify needs.  Ross mentioned participants may comment via email or text if they want something added to the list.  Once finalized, the list will be used to create the standard for the exchange of financial interest data. 

Valerie emphasized to the need for everyone to bring their organizations’ policy with them to answer specific questions.  Ross asked if Valerie meant the policy or reporting forms and Valerie answered both.  Heather added those will be different for some institutions.  Valerie will send out a list of elements that will be discussed.  She added that one goal is to discover data fields that nobody is collecting and may not be required.  Pam asked if the ACCME will be represented at the meeting tomorrow.  Steve and John will have limited time to call in.  They will let Heather know their availability.  Valerie added Dr. Kahn is going to be available in the afternoon.  Pam commented she is contacting her medical education department to obtain their form to bring to the meeting.  Heather told the group to reach out to Valerie or herself for logistics questions about the meeting tomorrow.    


Action Items

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