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Meeting Information


April 29, 2015


11 EDT/10 CDT/9 MDT/8 PDT

Call in Number

USA 602-333-0021

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Please note: the conferencing service will ask you to enter the pound sign. Press # for pound.
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Agenda Items

  1. Review changes to the data dictionary (see summary of changes, redline document, and updated data dictionary)

The three documents Valerie distributed included the revised data dictionary with input from the three sub-groups, a one page summary of changes, and a word document showing description changes between March 31st and the current document.  The changes below apply across the data dictionary and the schema. 


  1. ReportingIndividual changed to DisclosingIndividual.
  2. FinancialInterestExists attribute was added due to feedback from Pam.  The receiving organization may or may not want detail about an interest. That will be determined by the organization. The standard now supports that.  David asked if the element would be required.  Heather commented the standard wouldn’t require it.  Steve commented the ACCME needs to know the relationship exists at a high level.  Heather mentioned the check box was added to allow the standard to capture the exact information Steve referred to.  Valerie confirmed with Steve the CME provider will always need date information and the standard will allow that. 
  3. Valerie mentioned there were many pick lists using the value of “other”.  An attribute was added to fill in the blank with several other elements, Attribution, FormOfBusiness, FormOfCompensation, Contractor/Category, Purpose (in GrantOrContract), PatentHolder, Trademark holder, and Copyright holder.  Mike asked if the corresponding field is required.  Valerie commented it’s not required for the standard, but the interface could require it. 
  4. Descriptions and titles were added to Employment, Independent Contractor, and Fiduciary Officer. 
  5. Descriptions were added to grant or contract, gift, other securities, patent, copyright, intellectual property and other basic information about financial interest. 
  6. Simplified language referencing existing MedBiquitous standards was added.   
  7. Independent contract may have multiple roles and can occur multiple times. 
  8. Values have changed under contractor, marketing was deleted and end point review committee was added.
  9. The Grant element was added to include grant or contract to incorporate contracts that are not grants. 
  10.  A grant or contract description was added.
  11. The group recommended making ValuationDate an attribute with a value. Ross suggested using 12/31 date with a link.  Heather replied that it is up to the organization.    
  12. Stocks was changed to Stock and can now occur multiple times. 
  13. Ownership, under Securities was changed to OtherBusinessOwnership because of the different types of securities (i.e., business ownership stock is a form of business ownership).
  14. Company category was moved to FinancialRelationshipEntity.    
  15. FormOfBusiness was deleted from OtherBusinessOwnership.
  16. FormOfBusiness now includes the value Investment Firm, FormOfBusiness description is being taken out; it is already in the FinancialRelationshipEntity. 
  17. TypeOfPayment includes Equity Options and Ownership under Employment indicating form of compensation.  It can include equity options more specifically.  David noted it occurs in multiple places.
  18. Patent number is optional.  Organizations want to know whether a patent number exists, although people don’t always know their number.
  19. The values for IP holder have changed to be more specific about who holds the intellectual property.  It now includes Discloser, Current Institution, Previous institution, and Other organization.
  20. Trademark number is optional; people might not know it. 
  21. TypeOfIntellectualProperty is now TypeOfOtherIntellectualProperty, not patented, trademark is something else. 


The wording changes in the redline document reflect the minor or substantive changes discussed.  David recommended the group examine the data dictionary document and send questions to Valerie, Ross and himself.  Valerie explained that Betty will work with a technical writer to develop specification based on the data dictionary.  David suggested the group review by the next working group call.  Valerie added the document will be the same with added pictures and formatting.    


David mentioned if anyone has questions on how the system will use data elements, send those questions to Heather and copy Ross and David.  Valerie will work with Betty to set up the final document.  She reminded the group that the next call is scheduled for May 12 at 11:00 a.m. and comments be sent by May 8th.  Heather added that will provide an opportunity for people not on the call to weigh in. 


Susan’s interest was piqued by Heather’s recent presentation.  She asked if there were any documents describing working groups and the documents publically available.  She requested suggestions for the best means of introducing colleagues to this working group.  Valerie suggested publishing articles on the working group effort.  Ross will send a note to the full working group looking for those interested in authoring an article about the working group and its product.  Heather added she would love to continue discussions with each and every one in the group who is interested in staying involved.  Valerie will send links to articles that other MedBiquitous working group have submitted for publication.    



Action Items

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