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Meeting Information


December 20, 2007


11:00 AM EST

Attending: Morgan Bantly, Chair, Dawn Carroll and Valerie Smothers.

Agenda Items

1. Review of minutes of last meeting
Valerie suggested the group work on the Implementation Guidelines on the next call. The VA's experience implementing healthcare LOM and SCORM will be helpful in informing the guidelines.

2. Update on Standards Committee progress
Valerie provided an update on the Standards Committee progress. The ballot went out for HealthCare LOM and Professional Profile. To date, only received four responses have been submitted, but they are all positive. This will be sent to ANSI who will review documentation to make sure standard procedures have been followed. Morgan asked about conflict resolution and Valerie noted every item has been addressed. 

Valerie mentioned that a quorum, over 50% of the committee membership, is necessary to pass the ballot. In addition, over two thirds of those voting must vote affirmative. The Standards Committee roster can be found on the MedBiquitous website under committees.

3. Communication plan and matrix
Joy Leffler is working on a communication matrix that will aid in implementing a communication plan about the Healthcare LOM extension to the ANSI standard.

4. Update on AAMC symposium
Valerie spoke with Gabrielle Campbell regarding the AAMC Symposium for Licensing and Consent. It is tentatively scheduled for May 16th , the day after the MedBiquitous annual meeting. Plans are not yet final.

5. Open discussion
Don O'Guin from Pfizer sales training will be joining the working group , and he wanted to look how other MedBiquitous members are implementing SCORM and e-learning technologies. Valerie added that updating the Implementation Guidelines would be helpful for promoting adoption of the standard and recommended we talk about that at the next meeting. Morgan stated the importance of keeping the communication plan that will help spread the word to use the guidelines so we will have more implementers and implementation.

Valerie offered several publications that might be interested in covering in particular the Department of Veterans Affairs adoption of SCORM . Medical Teacher now has an e-learning news feature. MedBiquitous could publish a case study on Meld and promote that within the MedBiquitous newsletter. In addition, Government Health IT and and T+D, the American Society for Training and Development's magazine were good candidates. T+D features Chief Learning officers on each issue. David Twitchell or Joy Leffler would be great candidates for that.

The next meeting will take place on January 24.


The committee will focus on implementation guidelines on the next call.

Action Items

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