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Meeting Information

Attending: Morgan Bantly, Dawn Carroll, Nancy Gathany, Carl Singer, Valerie Smothers, David Ward

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes*of last meeting*
No comments were received, and the minutes were excepted as written.

2 Review press release
David commented that there's no use of the word interoperability in the press release. It is inferred, but not stated. Valerie commented that the audience for the press release is not all technical and may not understand the word interoperability. Carl commented that he thinks of interoperability more along the lines of SCORM, where there's an action. ANSI added that interoperability could mislead some people to thinking that it's a technical issue. David read the definition of interoperability, "the ability to exchange and use information." Valerie suggested using the word interoperability in a way that embedded the definition in the sentence. David agreed to prepare an edit and return to the working group by tomorrow. Nancy suggested running the edited draft by both technical and non-technical people within group members own organizations. Valerie will get those revised drafts out by Monday and ask for comments back by Friday April the 18th.

The group asked where the press release will be sent. Valerie posted a list of sources used in the past for other press releases. (see

3 Review poster for annual meeting (*Morgan's edits)*

Nancy asked how the poster would be used. Valerie commented that the poster will be shown at the exhibit at the MedBiquitous annual conference. It provides an opportunity to inform the audience about our standards development activities and to encourage people to attend the working group meeting the following day.

Morgan commented that David should look at poster and revise in a manner similar to the press release. Nancy recommended making the text shorter and more bulleted. Valerie will edit the poster and resend to the group.

The group then discussed the where next paragraph. Nancy questioned the purpose of the paragraph. Valerie commented that the paragraph is intended to show the future activities of the working group and to entice people to get involved. Nancy recommended stressing that we need their experience and encourage their involvement. Morgan asked how would they apply standards. The group should get that feedback, share successes, and address problems. The group committed to finishing the poster by the end of April.
Morgan suggested omitting the member names and putting their organizations instead. This would take up less space. Instead of chair and address under title, with a link from more information. He agreed we should encourage people to get involved in providing feedback, how you are using this information, ask for guidance. Lessons learned.

David commented that they URL works without index.html he recommended the title Get involved. Or Participate.

Morgan asked the group to provide specific edits to Valerie.

4 Discuss communications strategy*&* smart chart*(see page 21 esp)*

Carl commented that ims has validation tools. Perhaps MedBiquitous can offer an online validation tool. That could be a way to measure progress towards our goal. In addition, tools make it easier to get on board. Valerie agreed, but explained that resources prevent the type of development currently. Carl recommended including documentation with lots of examples. Valerie agreed.

The group root other parts of the communications strategy plan and made revisions online in real-time (see

4 Implementation questions/update
6 Plan for in person meeting


Action Items

  • David will make edits to the poster and press release by tomorrow.
  • Valerie will make edits to the poster and press release and send to the group by Monday.
  • Group members will circulate the press release to colleagues in their own organizations and provide feedback by April 18.
  • Group members will provide feedback on the revised poster by the end of April.
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