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Meeting Information


September 25, 2009



Call in Number

(310) 765-4820




Healthcare LOM overview

Communication Plan

Smart Chart

Agenda Items

1. Overview of Healthcare LOM, relevance to library community, and purpose of call

Mr. Bantly began the meeting by updating the group on the established extension of the ANSI/IEEE standard developed in May.  He emphasized focusing on increased adoption of Healthcare LOM and described the link on the website to the communication plan.  The group discussed the key areas of the document in detail.  Representation from the targeted audience of librarians joined the call.  There were three categories of readiness discussed: 1) not aware of Healthcare LOM and its benefits; 2) aware and knowledgeable but need backing from their organization 3) supports actions, have the buy in from management but need assistance with implementation.

2. Discussion - outreach to and readiness of the library community

Ms. Dennis commented there is a need for more education and there is a lot of interest but probably not a lot of awareness.   Ms. Armitage shared the general consensus to raise awareness among this group.

3. Discussion - core values of library community

Mr. Bantly continued by asking the group what would be a core value for this targeted audience?  Ms. Armitage noted that making things findable and reusable would save money and increase access to education.  Ms. Dennis emphasized increasing open access to a broader range of information than just education.  Ms. Ott agreed.

4. Discussion - perceived barriers

There were several perceived barriers noted such as management doesn't agree, doesn't want to share, it's not an organizational priority, no perceived need and lack of technical knowledge to name a few.  Lack of time was cited as another barrier. Jim Martino added getting groups to come together is another important barrier.  Ms. Dennis commented that cataloguers would understand and see the value. Ms. Ott added that those involved in instruction would have the technical knowledge.

Ms. Armitage  noted a major challenge was the fact that sometimes corporations operate in silo's and not every group gets involved.  Sometimes IT sees librarians as competitors even though they are in the same company but a different department.  The group added that IT has different goals - security vs; open access and customer service. Nancy Gathany asked if there was an example of a group that has overcome these barriers. Ms. Smothers described HEAL as a great example.  They have a wealth of images and content for health care educators. Sharon Dennis mentioned HEAL as an example, but their environment is different than most places in that they have a strong internal IT group and are responsible for the health sciences education building.  Ms. Smothers also noted the library community at Johns Hopkins as another great example of a technically sophisticated group. Mr. Bantly related that in the VA, a meeting of the minds was necessary to overcome technical barriers to a new to learning system.  Ms. Smothers summarized that leadership was key to moving forward. Ms. Armitage added that in the corporate world, reaching the training group was also important.

5. Recommended communication tactics

Mr. Bantly suggested our next communication group should be the IT community.  Ms. Dennis agreed that reaching leadership is one way to bring diverse groups together.  She mentioned the American Association of Health Sciences Library Directors as a good group to reach.  Ms. Ott mentioned it was critical to reach vendors who are offering continuing education so they are more aware of standards.  Mr. Bantly suggested any further comments should be sent to him by email at  He will consider this a draft document.

Ms. Armitage asked if anyone from the group would be interested in attending the MLA meeting.  The poster deadline was Oct. 6th.  Ms. Dennis said she would help with the poster as she will be attending the meeting.  She and Ms. Smothers will work on this together.  In addition, she recommended contacting the AAHSL wich meets at the AAMC meeting in November; they sometimes bring in guest speakers. Ms. Smothers stated that she would recommend to Dr. Greene to attend their sessions. Ms. Armitage recommended Donald O'Guin as someone that could help in identifying communication venues for the training community.  Ms. Dennis mentioned within the AAMC there was a librarian group that would hit librarians interested in medical education. Mr. Martino agreed to contact the Welch library system.

6. Open discussion


Action Items

  • Ms. Smothers and Ms. Dennis will collaborate on writing a poster abstract for the MLA conference.
  • Ms. Smothers will communicate with Dr. Greene regarding the AAHSL meetings at AAMC.
  • Ms. Smothers will speak with Don O'Guin regarding appropriate training outlets.
  • Ms. Dennis will investigate the AAMC Library Group and ways to raise their awareness.
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