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Meeting Information


November 14, 2013


10 MST/11 CST/12 EST/17 GMT/18 CET/19 EET

Attending: Panos Bamidis, Dawn Carroll, Daniela Giordano, Stathis Konstantinidis, John Nash, Valerie Smothers, Dimitris Spachos.

Agenda Items

John introduced himself. He works for mededportal and is involved in site maintenance.

Valerie announced that Erick Emde will be taking over as chair of the working group. In addition, Daniela and Stathis will be serving as co-editors of the specification. 

1 Review minutes of last call

The minutes were approved.

2 Review modifications to spec and schema

Valerie reviewed that she added a new element, originatingSystem, to the technical datatype in elementtypes.xsd.

3 Discuss activityFormat, learningResourceType, and mapping to other specs (see recommendation, VA lom notes, curriculum inventory vocabulary, and MedEdPortal vocabularies)

Valerie reviewed that on the last call we discussed the mEducator mediatype element and vocabulary and the areas of overlap with healthcare lom. In the mEducator schema media type is complemented by resource type, which describes the nature of the interactions with the users. This is more fully described in the paper by Giordano, Kavasidis, Spampinato, and Bamidis, which was circulated to the working group via e-mail.

Daniela and Valerie talked and came up with recommendations. They discussed how to find flexible way to keep distinction without disrupting existing practice.

1. Change activityFormat in healthcare lom to activityOrResourceFormat. Add source and id attributes so that we can point to vocabularies, including the mEducator vocabulary for Resource type and the Curriculum Inventory Vocabularies for Instructional Methods and Assessment Methods.

2. Add values from mEducator MediaType to the healthcare lom vocabulary for learningResourceType.

That provides a flexible way to harmonize things. #1 would allow us to point to the meducator vocabulary for resource type, curriculum inventory vocabularies for instructional methods, etc. The mEducator media type characterizations can be added to/harmonized with the vocabulary for learning resource type.

Dawn commented they are doing things a little differently. They have some extra fields. They use classification to indicate is this an aggregation, SCO, or Asset. They add different metadata fields based on the selection. Is this a curriculum, course, module, lesson, or component. Asset is then classified further. They have added additional values to Learning resource type as well.  They are also using technical format a little differently. They take different part of the technical format – audio, image, non digital, etc. Metadata authors can pick all that pertain. They use mime types after that. That wasn’t broken down very well. The suggested approach and meducator media types makes more sense- application flash – select everything after that.

The group agreed that as a next step we would compare the VA list to list that meducator has. Valerie will work with Dawn to map VA resource type values to meducator resource type (and media type) values, and curriculum inventory vocabularies.

Daniela agreed that would be useful. Several of the taxonomy terms in the mEducator vocabulary are general educational context. The ones in bold are specific to healthcare domain. Things like Atlas, etc, could be part of the learning activity. You can have multiple values from meducator resource taxonomy.

John commented that they partnered with careers in medicine and combined two lists to create their specialty list (abms and acgme) Specialties. This has implications for appendix 2.

Valerie commented that in the current spec, we have a recommended list of specialties. We could do away with that point to vocabularies. Certain specialties in the MedEdPortal list are not in the list in the appendix. The group agreed with adding id and source attributes to disciplineOrSpecialty.

Daniela asked about competencies. mEducator developed a taxonomy of educational outcomes based on theTuning system, Scottish doctor, etc.  John commented that the AAMC did the same thing – they looked at competencies and published an article on it. He can provide the full competency list. AAMC is putting their full weight behind it. MedEdPortal is moving that direction. They both agreed to send more information.

Valerie commented that healthcare lom should provide the ability to point to either.

Panos asked about MedBiquitous’ efforts with regard to implementing a linked data approach are going. Valerie offered to review that on the next call.

4 Discuss patient consent and tracking in more detail; determine if new elements are needed

5 New leadership roles

6 Open discussion

Panos commented that they have a project looking at harmonization of standardization of US and EU. They are trying to push MedBiquitous approaches into these groups. Many informatics people are participating, but they are not aware of MedBiquitous. They are trying to make people aware of this work.  


Action Items

  • Valerie will work with Dawn to map VA resource type values to meducator resource type (and media type) values, and curriculum inventory vocabularies.
  • We will add id and source attributes to disciplineOrSpecialty.
  • Daniela will send more information on mEducator competencies.
  • John will send more information on AAMC competencies.
  • Valerie will present MedBiquitous’ Linked data work on the next call.
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