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The Healthcare Learning Object Metadata Specifications and Description Document requires an update.  There is a reference to the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses' (AACN) categories of credits awarded for certification activities in the description of the activityCertification subelement of the credits element.  It states that "...Recommended values include: AACN Category A, AACN Category O..."  However, AACN has deprecated that categorization scheme.  AACN now uses Synergy CERP categories A, B, & C.  Therefore, the description for the activityCertification subelement should be changed to read, in part, "... Recommended values include: Synergy CERPs A, Synergy CERPs B, Synergy CERPs C ..."

Additionally, the accreditingBody subelement of the credits element provides recommended values in the description.  AACN is not included as one of them.  Please add "AACN" as a recommended value in the description to match the reference to the categories in the activityCertification subelement.

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