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  • 2007-01-10
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Meeting Information


January 10, 2007



Attending: Morgan Bantley (Chair), Spenser Aden, Gabrielle Campbell, Chris Candler, Rachel Ellaway, Nancy Gathany, Peter Greene, Jim Martino, Jennifer Ott, and Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

1. Review of Minutes of last meeting
The Minutes were approved as submitted.

2. Discussion of Activity Location format
Morgan asked Valerie to update the group on the Healthcare LOM specification's progress through the standards development process. Valerie shared that Healthstream submitted a comment to the Standards Committee noting that they provide city, state and country as well as additional details such as building and room name when describing an activity location. That comment began a discussion on the data structure used to describe the location of an activity. To follow-up on an action item from the last call, Valerie talked with Healthstream to find out how they are using activity location within their system. Spenser commented that Healthstream uses activity location data for two purposes: to assist students in assigning training and to track training within transcripts. The city, state, country, and building address are important for students to know before they take the training. Jennifer mentioned that data is pertinent but not as important for transcript exchange.

The group then discussed what data types could be used to represent activity location.Valerie mentioned that address is part of the V-card specification used within Healthcare LOM to specify contributors. For example, it allows you to include the address of a publisher. Valerie added that V-card is difficult to parse, so it was not clear that by implementing V-card we would gaining interoperability. There is an RDF specification for the card, but RDF is quite complex. She suggested using the MedBiquitous address specification and, if necessary, extending it to include room and building. Morgan asked for a restatement of the proposal needing a decision. Valerie restated the proposal as 1) to determine what approach is best for specifying activity location (a structured data type that breaks down location into component parts such as street address, city, country, etc. or a text string) and 2) what method will we use (V-card or MedBiquitous address specification). Spenser agreed the easiest way to pull data was using structured data type. Gabrielle asked if it was problematic if elements were left blank. Valerie shared that certain elements would be made optional and only used when appropriate. The consensus was to use the structured data type.

Morgan asked for any recommendations regarding method. Valerie suggested using the MedBiquitous Address specification already developed for the professional profile standard to insure consistency. She mentioned it is a separate schema that is easily referenced by other standards. The building and room name could be added to extend the data type. Peter mentioned the V-card has pro's and con's on both sides, but you would not be able to extend to include building and room name. Morgan determined the consensus was to use the current specifications. Valerie questioned whether building and room name should be included? Gabrielle wondered if that impacts Professional Profile. Valerie answered we would add to the data type within the Healthcare LOM schemas and it would not affect address specification.

3. Discussion of Consent and Licensing Management model goals
Morgan suggested first identifying problems related to consent and then developing solutions or guidance to deal with the issues. He suggested getting more people involved that have experience with issues of consent and licensing to provide comments using the wiki. He sees three issues to address: 1) providing guidance; 2) identifying stakeholders 3) recommend standard practice. Gabrielle mentioned the AAMC's interest in this topic and they have preliminarily agreed to hold a two-day colloquium in late summer. Peter confirmed it was critical to have European involvement. Several users of content were suggested.

4. Collaborative drafting of problems in consent and licensing

5. Open discussion
Gabrielle asked about the public comment period. Valerie offered to update the specifications with feedback from call today and then inform working group. She asked Morgan to send a note to the standards committee indicating the working group's acceptance of both HighWire's and Healthstream's comments.


  • Activity Location should be structured data type.
  • We will use the Professional Profile's Address Specification for the Activity Location.
  • We will extend the address data type to include room and building.

Action Items

  • Valerie will update Healthcare LOM specification.
  • The group will send Jody their ideas on stakeholders for the AAMC colloquium on consent and licensing and these will be posted to the wiki.
  • Group will contribute their ideas for CALM to the wiki.
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