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  • 2007-11-01
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Meeting Information


November 1, 2007


11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time

Attendees: Morgan Bantley, Chairman, Peter Greene, Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

  1. Review of minutes of last meeting
    The meeting agenda was deferred for the next time due to low attendance.
  2. Update on Standards Committee progress
  3. Communication plan and matrix
    Morgan sent the communication plan to Joy Leffler this week. When he receives it back from Joy he will send a message to the working group and post it on the wiki for comments.
  4. Update on AAMC symposium
    The symposium has yet to be scheduled. Gabriel indicated the symposium would probably be taking place sometime in the spring.

The next call is scheduled for December 20 at 11 AM Eastern US time.


Action Items

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