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Meeting Information


January 24, 2008



Agenda Items

1 Review minutes of last meeting
The minutes were approved.

2 Review ballot comments and make recommendations
Valerie walked the group through the comments on the spreadsheet. 22 votes were received, but of those only 17 were eligible votes. The voting period will be extended to allow 9 organizations to vote that did not receive the ballot email. So far, all of the votes have been to approve, but some comments were received. All of the comments received about healthcare lom were non-substantive. They include correcting the reference to the IEEE spec, adding references, referencing the address specification instead of embedding definitions, describing how to access schema. The group recommended adding schema location details to the referenced web page rather thn embedding them in the spec. In addition, they agreed that clarifying the xml datatypes with a short sentence would be appropriate. The group also felt that with regard to the semantic consistency comments for professional profil, that such requirements should remain at the application level in order to keep the specification simple.

3 Other business
Peter then asked about the VA's progress. Morgan clarified that the VA is still working to define elements that can be promoted into an LMS automatically. Dawn is working closely on that, integrating metadata from the LCMS with the LMS.

Dawn added that she met with Valerie to clarify some of the metadata issues. There are issues with the implementation - the LCMS does not offer multiplicity, which would help with their LMS efforts. She's trying to connect the dots.

Morgan added that the VA implemented an LMS Oct 1, and there's still a lot of work to be done. The Plateau LMS is now available to employees. Don -commented that they are going through same thing with SumTotal. Peter asked if metadata had been a discussion. LMSes often don't read an external metadata file; it would be nice to have the LMS track some of the same data. Don commented that they are still beginners with SCORM. At one time, Pfizer had 42 separate implementations of LMSes. But no one in Pfizer using SCORM. Their learning groups are not yet aligned globally. SumTotal is LMS for everyone except manufacturing. The E-learning service team is starting to use content standards. They want to move to an LCMS and reuse content. Peter added that it would be great to have support for Healthcare LOM in SumTotal. Don commented that SumTotal does work closely with ADL, and they are SCORM 2004 certified. They need to align learning groups before implementing an LCMS.

Morgan commented that he would be interested in seeing Pfizer's corporate guidance on implementing online learning. They are developing such guidance as well. The VA is also importing commercial off the shelf products into the LMS and tracking what works and what doesn't.

Peter added that at Johns Hopkins they have a commitment to bring together hospital training and university learning for Hopkins Interactive.

Don added that Pfizer is trying to create an e-learning factory using an offshore model. It's faster and less expensive. Without metadata, they are missing opportunities to reuse content and save costs.

Valerie updated the group on the AAMC symposium on licensing shared content. The symposium is intended to examine the licensing and consent issues specific to sharing healthcare content. The symposium is planned for May 16. Gabrielle will circulate an agenda. One interesting thing to note is the development of cclearn, an arm of creative commons formed to examine academic licensing issues. Cclearn is funded by the Hewlett foundation ,which also funds the open educational resources initiative.

Morgan added that he and Joy are working on a communication matrix for when healthcare lom is approved.

Peter added that the virtual patients working group is looking at use of metadata around virtual patients. Trupti agreed it would be good to keep the groups in sync.


The group provided recommendations on comments received for healthcare lom.

Action Items

Morgan and Joy will continue to work on the communication plan.

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