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Meeting Information


October 22, 2014


9 MDT/10 CDT/11 EDT/17 CEST/18 EEST


Attending: Erick Emde, Chair; Daniela Giordano, Editor; Panos Bamidis, Andy Rabin, Valerie Smothers, and Dimitris Spachos.

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes

The minutes were accepted as submitted.

2 Requirements related to PI CME and Team vs individual participation

Valerie mentioned Jyothi from American Board of Pediatrics raised this issue but she was unable to attend this meeting.  She requested the discussion be tabled until the December meeting.  The topic was related to the collaborative work of the American Board of Pediatrics, the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Internal Medicine.  They have a new system that allows integrated access to their Maintenance of Certification related offerings.  They use Healthcare LOM cataloging but changes need to be made related to performance improvement to catalog appropriately.  The discussion was tabled until Joythi can join the discussion.  Andy suggested getting feedback from American Board of Medical Specialties regarding their centralized repository for MoC part 4.    

3 Specification and schema updates

Valerie updated the group on the changes she and Daniela made.  She thanked Daniela for all her hard work.  Valerie highlighted the major changes in data models for healthcare education, competency and reference.   Other changes included changes to activityFormat, which is now activityOrResourceFormat, and the vocabulary for learningResourceType. The audienceCategory ement now has recommended values instead of restricted values to allow for greater flexibility.  The reference element on page 51 has a container for multiple reference elements that uses the same data type.  They are designed to use RDF to create links across MedBiq schemas.  The changes were accepted. 

4 Proposed consent data model

Valerie explained that on the last call there was a proposal to add a comment field to help individuals locate consent forms.  An example was circulated and Valerie didn’t receive any responses.  Erick thought this was broad enough to be useable in most situations.  Valerie and Daniela will make changes in the specification and schema. 

Panos asked if a more thorough description was needed to point to a clinical trials database.  He suggested using the comment field to capture that.  Valerie agreed that was a good use of the comment field.  Panos agreed it was adequate for the moment and he volunteered to investigate further.  The consent data location where consent forms are stored can also reside on a clinical trials database.  Daniela thinks it is general enough.  The group will move forward with the current data model.   

5 Educational context vocabulary

Valerie looked at the MedEdPortal, Healthcare LOM, and mEducator vocabularies.  The proposal is to add two items to Healthcare LOM vocabulary: graduate education and administration.  The educational context should be about level of education and is designed to work in complement with targetAudience and other fields.  Erick thought it would be best for users to select profession and then have educational context in conjunction with that profession.  John had previously said they added administration and found they needed to offer educational resources targeted for administrators.  Valerie noted the definition of health administration in the appendix on page 71 of the specification may be different than the hospital executives John had envisioned. She will look into that further.  Daniela thought administrative professional development would still make sense and recommended changing the wording to make it more generic.  Valerie will work on that proposal and come back to group with a revised proposal. 

6 Continued discussion of FOAF

Table for next meeting. 



The specification changes were accepted.

Action Items

  • Valerie will follow up with the ABMS regarding integration of metadata for Performance Improvement CME.
  • Valerie and Daniela will update the specification to include a comment under consent as shown in the proposed data model.
  • Valerie will develop a revised proposal for educational context.


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