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Meeting Information


July 30, 2010


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Attendees:  Linda Casebeer, Ed Kennedy, Jack Kues, Francis Kwakwa, and Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes of last meeting

Francis began the meeting with a review of the minutes.  The minutes were accepted as written.

Valerie informed the group that she was pregnant and there would likely be a period of inactivity during her maternity leave in the beginning of 2011.

2 Report on Alliance retreat and next steps for the institute for evaluation and outcome studies

Jack mentioned the Alliance is interested in working with MedBiquitous and other organizations to develop products for Alliance members using MedBiquitous standards.  The general proposal was sent to the PDC committee that leads product development for the Alliance.  Jack will contact their chair and Paul Webber to see where things stand.  The Institute was also very interested in the Institute for Evaluation and Outcome Studies proposal, and stated they were making it one of their primary initiatives over the next year.  Francis offered his help in pulling people together to work on the initiative.  The preliminary proposal with the Institute will begin with a phone call of representatives from interested organizations.  The Alliance is making money available to host a meeting at the October AMA task force meeting. The meeting will provide an opportunity to work on next steps and an action plan to move forward.  Valerie offered the group’s help if needed.  Linda congratulated Jack on pushing the initiative forward. 

3 Discussion of case study, CECity

Andy was not on the call so this discussion was tabled until the next meeting.   

4 Update on RSNA interest in implementation

Francis commented that RSNA director of educational was very interested in implementing the standard for reporting data to the ACCME and they are willing to schedule a meeting with Valerie and Frances once the director returns from maternity leave. 

5. Open Discussion 

Valerie asked Ed if he had any news to share from the ACCME.  Ed shared the ACCME sent notices to all accredited providers that their PARS system has gone live and the production system is up and running, which means accredited providers can now enter their activity data.  He noted there has been limited traffic so far, but it has been a slow launch.  They will continue to make more public announcements to email list of subscribers. Everybody who would be using the system has been notified and are starting to track their data using the system.  Valerie congratulated Ed on his efforts.   

Francis mentioned a position opening in RSNA’s Chicago office for CME assessment and evaluation.  Valerie asked Jack if the Alliance for CME has a job board.  Jack replied they have had in the past.  He suggested using the SACME list serv to post the opening.  He still gets emails regarding academic positions from there.  The Alliance has not used any push technologies but they have had a job posting board.  Jack asked Francis to send him an email in the event he couldn’t find the information to post the job and Jack would contact Paul Webber, the Executive Director.  Ed also suggested searching on the website, a local Chicago resource.    

Next Steps: Valerie asked the group when the next teleconference should be held and Jack said he thought he would have something to report by the fall.  A call will be scheduled in eight weeks.


Action Items

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