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This page lists change requests for the Activity Report schema as well as status of fixes.

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Ben Azan


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Andy Rabin


Consider eliminating all of the <ParticipantsBy...> elements under <PaticipationMetrics> .

Because we have a <RespondentCategory> element at a higher level under <ReportDescription>, it seems that the <ParticipantsBy...> elements may be redundant.
Imagine if we set the <RespondentCategory> element to represent a specific specialty such as Neurologist, then why do we need a specific sub-element of <ParticipantsBySpecialty>.
The generic <RespondentCategory> element should be able to stand on its own and define the context of an ENTIRE metrics report.  If it is desired to break down utilization by Profession for example, then there can be different report instances for each Profession.  Everything from the credits to the page views can be filtered this way.


For organizations that serve many professions and specialties, I can see how it might be advantageous to have a single report that includes a breakdown of the participants by profession, specialty, or other category. Leaving this in would provide flexibility to those using the specification.
I'd like to hear what other members of the working group think. Are there instances where including a breakdown, rather than having separate reports, is advantageous?

no changes made

Andy Rabin


In the proposed Survey Item specification, consider moving the <Comparison> element from being a child to the <Responses> element, and instead have it be a parent to the <SurveyItem> element.  When two questions are compared, i.e. pre-test vs. post-test questions, it is normally done at the question level, not the responses level.


The Comparison element may need to change in both specifications. I'd like to make sure I'm understanding how it is being used. Related and similar (but not identical) questions may be asked of learners at different points in time, and then the responses are compared. Is that correct?

Schema updated

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