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I've completed a technical review of the MEMS specification and would like to discuss the following with the working group.

1. Free Text Data (pg 40) - currently Free Text Data includes a mandatory analysis category (to allow for the transmission of free text that has been categorized as a result of response analysis). Should this category remain mandatory or change to optional? Do we want to allow for the transmission of free text that is not categorized in any way?

2. AssessmentScoreData Classification (pg 53) - The text and the schema did not match, so I changed the schema so that multiple classifications (associations with competencies, learning outcomes, objectives, etc.) can be made for a single assessment instrument.

3. CreditsAwarded (pg 57) - The Activity Report Working Group has extended the Healthcare LOM Credits datatype to incoprorate a credit focus/category. The new datatype is called CreditReceivedType. The RSNA requires this extension, and other organizations have similar categorization efforts. For consistency, I think it best to leverage the datatype that incorporates the notion of credit focus. MEMS will be able to indicate not only the different types of credit awarded, but also different foci/categories awarded. For more information on the CreditReceived datatype, see page 25 of the Activity Report Specification.

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