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Successful firms consider what their customers need. Consumers expect that firms should understand their tastes and preferences. Quality is a factor that entices customers to purchase a product frequently. Export goods should be free from quality loss to ensure better performance in the market. Firms should ensure they produce cost-effective but at the same time quality products to gain consumer trust. Quality refers to a product's durability, performance, and availability. These factors are the key issues that manufacturing firms ought to consider.

Many firms today consider quantity and sales to increase more than the quality and cost-effectiveness of a product, which may lead to the product’s and even firm’s extinction. Firms should embark on a mission aimed to bring change. Consideration should be made to enhance the quality and cost-effectiveness of products. Transformation should drive firms to achieve new inventions. Competition based on production capacities and volume should be disregarded as firms should consider competition for quality.

Consumers’ product and services choice are dependent on the quality. Quality leads to management success. Many factors today like markets, materials, labor, machines, motivation, and money affect quality achievement. Implementation of quality control should lead to transformation. Firms should practice commitment to quality and positive quality transformation in order to enhance success. Empowering employees should be enhanced to understand quality problems. Quality achievement is a factor achieved through teamwork.

Technological evolution has promoted the creation of better quality products. Consumers should understand quality for a better choice, while competition for customers should be quality-driven. Thus, the management should be responsible for steering change and achieving high product quality. Quality failure programs should be endorsed in order to allow for a better understanding of quality effectiveness. Firms must produce products that meet the demands and expectations of consumers. Furthermore, customers expect the price of a product to be proportional to its quality. Time determines the quality of service, interaction between customers and employees. Firms should consider at least one approach to quality control management in order to ensure further growth and sustainability.

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