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"Working code trumps all theory" --Phil Dodds. (at least this is where I heard it)

This is the new (06-16-08) version of a player flash based player. Changes since the last release:

  • In order to support XHTML, I had to use a mix of flash and overlayed iframes. Because of this, the player only works with Firefox (broken in IE, haven't tested it in other browsers, object tag in xhtml is broken in firefox 3.0....ARRRRRRR). 
  • Upon first launch, Firefox will ask you to set some security settings in flash. This is because the swf file is communicating with the html wapper page and flash want to make sure this is ok. In the settings, you need to add the folder in which the player is running.
  • With some bugs, the player is able to handdle a large part of the spec (AM, DAM, VPD)

Important: Right now the player still uses some the naming conventions of v0.48. This is because, if this player is to be included in eVip packages, I'll use the same profile as e-vip is using.

The player is written in openlaszlo ( and compiles down to a flash movie. In theory, openlaszlo would allow for this app to compile to DHTML as well, however, this part of openlazslo is still in Beta and doesn't really work with the code I have written so fare.

Here is a link to a sample package with the working player: VP Player v0.4

It also contains the player code (which in theory shouldn't be in the package, but it's all bundled into one)

Running the player:

  • Launch player.lzx.html in Firefox.
  • (You will be prompted for this by the browser) Add the current folder to the list of truted folders.
  • Reload player.lzx.html once you have added the folder to the trusted flash folders

The player only works with a subset of the spec at the moment, I would say that about 80% of the spec is supported currently, with some bugs here and there. Bellow in bold are the elements and attribute which the player currently supports (ie, non supported elements, should, in theory simply be ignored).

 Player/code Licence: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 (

 Next Steps of the player:

  • Continue debugging.
  • Comment code so as the make it more understandable.
  • Probably put it up on SourceForge so others can contribute.


  • Properties
    • Counters
      • Counter (attributes: id, isVisible)
        • CounterLabel
        • CounterUnitSuffix
        • CounterUnitsPrefix
        • CounterInitValue
        • CounterRules
          • Rule
            • Relation
            • Value
            • RuleRedirect
            • RuleMessage
      • Timer (attribute: isVisible)
        • TimerDeltaSeconds
        • TimerDirection
        • TimerRules
          • Rule
            • Relation
            • Value
            • RuleRedirect
            • RuleMessage
  • ActivityNodes
    • NodeSection (attribute: id, label)
      • ActivityNode (attribute: id, label)
        • Content
        • Rules
          • CounterActionRule
            • CounterOperator
            • CounterRuleValue
            • CounterID
          • Probability
          • ConditionalRule
            • Operator
              • Operand
              • And
              • Or
              • Nand
              • Nor
            • RuleRedirect
            • RuleMessage
          • NavigateGlobal
        • Services
          • Timer (attribute: isVisible)
            • TimerDeltaSeconds
            • TimerDirection
            • TimerRules
              • Rule
                • Relation
                • Value
                • RuleRedirect
                • RuleMessage
  • Links
    • Link (attributes: label, display)
      • ActivityNodeA
      • ActivityNodeB
      • Weighting


  • DAMNode (attributes: id)
    •  DAMNodeLabel 
    • DAMNodeItem (attributes: display  (immediately, ontrigger, delayed, ifrequested))
      • ItemID
      • ItemComment
      • DAMNodeID
      • ItemOrder


  • PatientDemographics(attributes: id)
    • CoreDemographics (attributes: id)
      • PatientID
      • Name
      • Age
      • Sex
      • Race
      • Species
      • Breed
    • DemographicsCharacteristic (attributes:id)
      • Title
      • Description
  • VPDText (attributes:id, textType) - FULL XHTML SUPPORT
  • Medication(attributes: id)
    • MedicationName (attributes: source*,* sourceid)
    • Dose
    • Route
    • Frequency
  • InterviewItem
    • Question
    • Response
    • Media
      • MediaID
      • Location
  • PhysicalExam
    • ExamName
    • LocationOnBody
    • Action
    • Finding
    • Description
    • Media
      • MediaID
      • Location
  • DiagnosticTest
    • TestName
    • Unit
    • Result
    • Normal
    • Media
      • MediaID
      • Location
  • Diagnosis(attributes: id, authorDiagnosis)
    • DiagnosisName (attributes: source*,* sourceid)
    • Likelihood
  • Intervention
    • Interventionname
    • Medication
    • Appropriateness
    • Results
    • Media
      • MediaID
      • Location
  • Organization
    • Item
    • Section
  • No labels