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Virtual Patients are described as  (Ellway def here)


Does your institution use Virtual patients in its curriculum?


  1. Yes, as an optional component of the curriculum.
  2. Yes, as a required component of the curriculum
  3. No


If yes, how does your institution use virtual patients? (select as many as appropriate)

  1. As a self-directed, stand-alone activity associated with a particular course
  2. As instructional out-of-classroom support
  3. For group discussion
  4. For  Problem Based Learning?
  5. For Team Based Learning?
  6. In connection with mannequin based simulation?
  7. Other  ________________ fillin


Have you evaluated the efficacy of the Virtual Patients in your curriculum?

  1. Yes
  2. No

If yes, would you be willing to share your evaluation with us?




If so please provide your name and email address


Would we want to know if they use and authoring tool to create their own?  If so, which one?

Do we want them to tell us which cases they use?  Commercial or  otherwise?


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