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This is an area to store and discuss makeup of the MVP package

MedBiq Example package: Example MVP Package March 08

This is a early examplar, made by hand, of a MVP Package. Although every effort has been made to provide correct structures at both the XML and package level, it's possible there are still inaccuracies. Feel free give any and all feedback about the package! All files validate. In the XML, an attempt was made to give at least one example of every XML element. The activity itself is meant to be structurally correct but not educational or logical in nature.


  • This packages reflects the changes agreed upon on the February 7th, 2008 group call.
  • This package does not contain a real player. It simply contains a dummy player from the sake of completeness.
  • The JavaScript file in the package is taken from Claude Ostyn's  In the Eye of the SCORM An introduction to SCORM 2004 for Content Developers. The current package only Initializes and Terminates connectivity with the LMS. This is the minimum requirement for a conformant package.
  • This package still contains VPDText as an xhml snip (div element). This is up for discussion.

Package Validation - as of 02/26/08

There are three conformance testing tools that were used to check the conformance of the latest package (in addition to XMLSpy, note all files validate in XMLSpy):

  • Reload Editor
  • Test Track from Rustici softwar
  • Conformance Test Suite Version 1.0.2 from ADL


The SCO in the package was able to be launched from all three of these tools!  

Reload Editor v.2.5.2
  • The package validates.
Test Track from Rustici software
  • Import was successful, no warnings or errors.
  • Runtime log:
    • Initialize is error free
    • Terminate is error free
    • Completion Threshold and Scaled Passing Score is not specified (this is because this sco is very simple and simply initializes and terminates)
Conformance Test Suite Version 1.0.2 from ADL
  • Passed Content Package Test Conformance Summary
  • Passed Metadata Test Conformance Summary
  • Passed SCO Testing
    • Found an LMS provided API Instance
    • The Session Methods supported:
      • Initialize()
      • Terminate()
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