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May 13, 2008, 3:30 - 5 PM, Baltimore, MD

  1. Overview of working group
  2. Progress to date
  3. Review of architecture
  4. Implementers report
  5. Participation
  6. Questions
Meeting discussions
  • Expert Systems - compare performance to expert
    • not necessarly a good idea, because experts skip steps. More idea of 'ideal student'.
  • Design case topography based on target audiance.
    • Europe - Will have studies of which topographies/VP paradigms will work better for different target groups (med students, residents, CME).
    • Different structures for different audiences
  • VP Business model
    • Sustainability -> Need $ to keep VPs up to date.
  • Quality Control
    • Who is liable for quality of content (possibly leading to medical error). Can authoring systems/player be held responsbile?
    • Possible business model -> Have body that takes responsibility for assuring quality in exchange for fee.
    • Users take responsibility when using content - inclusion of possible disclaimer.
  • IP issues
    • How to we tag (metadata) who owns/has authored the content at a granular level? (eg. someone takes only part of a VP and uses it in another VP)
    • Citation model?
    • DMR for VP? - Must remember, sharing still the main objective -
      • Different partners to accommodate from entirely open to proprietary content.
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