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The following is proposed for inclusion in the MVP spec: 

To be a conformant instance of MedBiquitous Virtual Patient, a content package: 

  • Shall contain virtual patient data, activity model, and data availability model XML documents that validate against the MedBiquitous Virtual Patient (ANSI /MEDBIQ VP.10.1-200x) XML schemas available at
  • Shall be a conforming XML instance of a SCORM 2004 4th Edition Resource Content Package Application Profile or Content Aggregation Content Package Application Profile
  • Shall conform to any additional requirements stated in this specification (see 5.2.3 VPDText, 6.1 Media Resource Foundations, 6.2.2 Organizations, 6.2.3 Resources, Referencing within a Manifest, 7.2.3 DAMNodeItem, 8.2.6 Rule, 8.2.11 ActivityNode, 8.2.14 ConditionalRule, 8.2.16 ConditionType, 8.2.19 Link)
  • May include elements not defined in this document only by using the XtensibleInfo container element defined in the section XtensibleInfo. 
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