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May 13, 2008, 1-3 PM, Baltimore, MD

  1. Virtual Patient system demonstrations
    1. Karolinska Institute  - validation tool
    2. Other systems
  2. Technical discussions
    1. Subset of XHTML: Suggest list or XHTML
      1. unicode support
    2. Changes to triggering
    3. Tracking of media resources (effect of display attribute)
    4. Xpointer inclusion
    5. List of supported media files List of suppored media resources
    6. Current schema extension (XtensibleInfo) review.
    7. Players in development
    8. Any other outstanding technical issues
Meeting action items
  • Call Player - "Execution Model"
  • eViP will stop @ level 3 conformance
  • Creation of up to date list of available players
    • put on wiki - closed to working group members
  • List of people (implementers/Medbiq) to call into eViP weekly Tech calls
  • Minimum list of supported XHTML elements is as follows: List of supported XHTML elements
  • Triggering need to be simplified.
    • E-mail proposals to simplify, and have a call specifically to square away triggering.
  • Triggering
    • Comment that for import/export use case, systems must be able to tell the difference between case data and data that is meant to be returned only if has been triggered.
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